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This page lists the games I have been developing in my spare time (or are still in development):

Shit It’s Evolving

A raycasting-based software renderer driving a very short first-person-shooter that I have been writing for the Ludum Dare 24. You can find the landing page here.



A libGdx-based game written mainly for the android platform. It is based on the “universe” of my Ludum Dare 24 entry. Except from that it is a complete rewrite using OpenGL ES and nicer pixel-art graphics. The game is still in development; the landing page can be found here.


Agent 386 in Operation Floppy

A tile-based, pixel-art jump-and-run game using HTML5 and written for the February 2012 “One Game a month”-challenge. You can play it in Chrome or Firefox. Chrome supports sound and connecting a game controller. Try it here.



My interpretation of a “rogue-like” developed for March 2013 One Game A Month. Uses HTML5 goodness of WebGL, WebAudio, Gamepad API and Web Workers. So, Google Chrome is the best choice to enjoy it.

Levels are generated randomly to introduce some replay-value.


Written by 38leinad

March 1, 2013 at 8:41 pm

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